ACT@Scale uses Maturity Model to deploy Integrated Care

The ACT@Scale project is a partnership of innovative European healthcare regions, industry and academia with potential to transform cure and care delivery services from pilots to scaled up, routine care practice for the benefit of the European population.

Changes in the process, structure and outcomes of the services are tracked and evaluated during 2 consecutive one-year intervention cycles.

The purpose of these interventions is to scale up the service by applying improvements in the areas of:

  • stakeholder and change management,
  • service selection,
  • sustainability and business models, and
  • citizen empowerment.

The Maturity Model can be used to monitor the maturity of healthcare care system structure in the regions. The Maturity Model can track changes in the healthcare system over time, as well as similarities or differences in the healthcare system between services. For ACT@Scale the Maturity Model gives the context in which certain interventions did have certain outcomes.

The project comprises 13 partners from 6 EU and associated countries including 5 deployment sites across 4 of the countries coordinated by Philips Healthcare in Germany. ACT@Scale runs for 3 years starting from the 4th of March 2016 and has a total budget of €3,5m co-funded by 3rd Health Programme of the European Union. The ACT@Scale programme is fully aligned with the European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing objectives to deploy integrated care for chronically ill patients.

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