SCIROCCO presented to the Committee of the Regions

Dr Andrea Pavlickova presented the SCIROCCO project to the CoR Interregional Group on Health & Wellbeing on 12 May 2017 in Brussels. The focus of the presentation was on the SCIROCCO tool designed to assess the readiness for integrated care in a given healthcare system or the good practice. It was pointed out during the presentation that there was a variety of definitions of integrated care and the integrated care was being adopted at different rates and in diverse ways across Europe. The rationale behind the development of the tool was to maximise the use of the existing knowledge of implementing integrated care solutions and to encourage the exchange of good practices and knowledge transfer in Europe, to be able to use evidence in a systematic way for an easier and faster adoption of integrated care.

For more information about the event (download report)

Presentation by DG Santé (Federico PAOLI SANTE) on the HSPA report BLOCKS Tools and Methodologies to Assess Integrated Care in Europe

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