Scotland looks at how SCIROCCO Tool can help scaling-up

A SCIROCCO focus group met on 26 October 2017 at the Informatics Forum of the University of Edinburgh to explore ways of enhancing the SCIROCCO tool and reflect on current and potential uses of the tool, including for scaling-up.

In August 2017, 14 stakeholder associations tested the SCIROCCO tool to examine the maturity of Scotland’s integrated care system. Two months later, a smaller group was brought together to consolidate people’s collective experience and learning.

Workshop participants reinforced the fact that the SCIROCCO tool is easy-to-use, good at helping consensus-building, and helpful for enabling discussion and dialogue. They also offered insights into how the wording and technical aspects of the tool could be enhanced.

In terms of its current use, attendees focused on how useful the tool can be for scaling-up integrated care:

“On integrated care, the SCIROCCO tool’s not an end in itself. It’s about developing a more dynamic, learning system. You can go with naturally occurring teams, of whatever size and composition and levels and disciplines. … It’s about involving others, whether at an oversight level or at a granular level.”


“It’s good to identify some dimensions of integrated care where there is some feeling that they are not as mature. It’s about sense-checking for the health and care partnerships. We’ve got the legislation about integrated care here in Scotland, but how is it that we’re actually working? This for me is SCIROCCO’s real value!”

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