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A key achievement of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA)’s B3 Action Group on Integrated Care has been the development of a conceptual model for regions to assess their readiness for integrated care – the B3 Maturity Model.


SCIROCCO aims to develop the Maturity Model into a validated and tested self-assessment tool that will facilitate the successful scaling up and transfer of good practices in integrated care across European regions. The project will explore how matching the complementary strengths and weaknesses of regions can deliver two major benefits:

      • A strong basis for successful twinning and coaching that facilitates shared learning;
      • A practical support for the scaling up of good practices that promote active and healthy ageing and participation in the community. 

SCIROCCO will help regions to identify:

      • The context requirements of a good practice that is being considered for adoption;
      • The level of maturity required for the health and social care system to adopt a particular good practice;
      • The actions that more progressive regions have taken in order to be successful;
      • Lessons learned from these pioneers to overcome barriers and accelerate results;
      • The process of information sharing on lessons learned to help other aspiring regions to speed up their own adoption.

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Scirocco Partners

 – Health Service of Basque Country


EHTEL – European Health Telematics Association 

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