Changing systems of care so that they can offer better integration requires initial investment and funding; a degree of operational funding during transition to the new models of care; and on-going financial support until the new services are fully operational and the older ones are de-commissioned. Ensuring that initial and on-going costs can be financed is an essential activity that uses the full range of mechanisms from regional/national budgets to ‘stimulus’ funds, European Union investment funds, public-private partnerships (PPP) and risk-sharing mechanisms).

Assessment scale:

  1. No additional funding is available to support the move towards integrated care
  2. Funding is available but mainly for the pilot projects and testing
  3. Consolidated innovation funding available through competitions/grants for individual care providers and small-scale implementation
  4. Regional/national (or European) funding or PPP for scaling-up is available
  5. Regional/national funding and/or reimbursement schemes for on-going operations is available
  6. Secure multi-year budget and/or reimbursement schemes, accessible to all stakeholders, to enable further service development.
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