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An effective palliative care process

Summary of the good practice:

We tried to get an overview of how the palliative patient ́s way through the health and social care works. We did a review of the medical- and care journals of patients connected to our palliative team, to see what kind of problems the patient/relatives contacted health- or social care for and who they contacted in case of help needed. We recognised that it seems unclear for the patient and their relatives who they should contact in different kind of problems. There were many caregivers involved in various kind of care forms. They seemed not to have a primary health care contact. We had meetings with representatives of care units involved and tried to find ways to improve the contacts for the patients, to sort out who is primary health care contact for the patient. Some new routines for primary care centres and hospital have to be made to get this work done.


Challenge addressed by the good practice

We wanted to improve the palliative care in the primary care area. We have seen difficulties with getting good palliative health care at home, according to the patients’ desires. Also, we have notice knowledge gaps according to the base staff work and also unclear physician involvement which could contribute to difficulties with providing good quality health care to patients in need of support from health care providers in Gällivare.

Key innovative elements of the good practice

There has not been an improvement yet because new routines has not been fully constructed or implemented.

Full Scirocco information on the good practice

SciroccoGP-Norrbotten-5-An-Effective-Palliative-Care-Process.pdf [PDF]

Publications and reports on the good practice


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