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Shoulder rehabilitation via distance technology

Summary of the good practice:

In our part of the country some people live far away from a physiotherapist, and may not have the ability to travel far. In those cases we use distance technique, after for example shoulder surgery, in order to give equal rehabilitation to every patient. We have used this method for some years.

The patient is at home with a computer or an iPad and meet the PT at the hospital via distance technique. The PT and patient can see and talk to each other while exercising.

The communication programme is safe and the secrecy is maintained.


Challenge addressed by the good practice

Long distance between patient and physiotherapist, or disability for the patient to leave home (caused by other diseases).

Key innovative elements of the good practice

An improvement for the patient due to journey, and postoperative problems come to light in and can fast be treated after feedback to the operator. The first passage of the rehabilitation is conducted with the orthopaedic clinic’s physiotherapist.

Full Scirocco information on the good practice

SciroccoGP-Norrbotten-6-Shoulder-rehabilitation-via-distance-technology.pdf [PDF]

Publications and reports on the good practice


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