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Experience of Olomouc

Olomouc (Czech Republic)

Healthcare system in system in the Czech Republic (CR)
The Healthcare system in the Czech Republic is based on Bismarckian health insurance system. The national model of care is regulated by the Ministry of Health mainly in terms of accessing the healthcare services. There are seven healthcare insurance companies that provide healthcare services to all citizens on equal basis, free of charge. The insurance companies establish contracts with healthcare providers on yearly basis. Social care is separated from healthcare in all aspects, including planning, financing and provision of social care. As a result, current models of health and social care are rather fragmented. The provision of home care is delivered at a small scale. There are some on-going high-level discussions about introducing a better care integration in the Czech Republic. National or regional eHealth services are still underdeveloped. A National eHealth strategy was approved by the Czech government in 2016 and its implementation is planned in 2018.

Integrated care in the Olomouc Region
There is a lack of central strategy and vision on integrated care in the Czech Republic. As such, the implementation of integrated care is rather a result of individual efforts of pioneers at small scale. However, there are some large innovation eHealth initiatives, but these initiatives are mostly medically driven by the Czech National eHealth Center in the Olomouc Region. Also, there are some successful activities of medical community in the Czech Republic especially around the establishment of collaborative frameworks for care in selected diseases.
There has been a new government elected in July 2018 which is very keen to introduce a concept of integrated care as well as other healthcare reforms, especially in the area of primary care. The objective is to enable better coordinated and continuous care, resulting in improved outcomes for patients and enhanced efficiency of the healthcare system.

Self-assessment in the Olomouc Region
Reflecting the conditions in the Czech Republic and Olomouc region in the area of integrated care, a diverse profile of stakeholders was invited to participate in the self-assessment process, ranging from the representatives of healthcare providers, healthcare insurance, social care and academia at national and local level.

All stakeholders were invited to complete the online self-assessment survey to provide their individual view on care integration in the Czech Republic, using the SCIROCCO tool. The outcomes of these individual surveys were captured in the form of spider diagrams, highlighting Olomouc’ maturity in integrated care. The spider diagrams below illustrate the involvement of the various members of the multi-disciplinary team in the assessment process. The views of stakeholders were quite similar.

The outcomes of the self-assessment survey formed the basis for the discussion of stakeholders at the workshop with an objective to reach the consensus on the current state of readiness of the Czech Republic and Olomouc Region for integrated care. The spider diagrams reflect small degree of the diversity of perceptions of stakeholders across all dimensions of the Tool. The stakeholders took the national perspective in the assessment process rather than the situation in the local projects.

The outcomes of the self-assessment process reflect very well the current situation of integrated care in the Czech Republic and Olomouc Region. However, the self-assessment process significantly increased knowledge about the approach and conditions necessary for the creation of conditions for implementation of integrated care in the Region. In general, it was a very informative and educational process for all stakeholders involved.

To read more about the self-assessment process and outcomes in Olomouc assess here the full self assessment report for Olomouc.

Olomouc’s experience in using the SCIROCCO tool

  •  “The SCIROCCO tool helps to understand what is necessary to be managed in order to prepare conditions for an effective care integration.”

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