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Publications related to SCIROCCO

The SCIROCCO partners are actively involved in and have contributed to a number of European publications.

2019Journal Article:
Assessing the maturity of the healthcare
system for integrated care: testing
measurement properties of the SCIROCCO
Liset Grooten, Hubertus Johannes Maria Vrijhoef, Stefano Calciolari, Laura Guadalupe Gonzalez Ortiz, Marcela Janeeková, Mirella M. N. Minkman and Dirk DevroeyFull PDF
2018How to transfer good practices in integrated care internationally: From self-assessment to knowledge transfer and improvement in careFrancesca Avolio, Donna Henderson, Andrea PavlickovaFull Text (Web)
2018Conference Abstract:
Enhancing the SCIROCCO tool using quantitative and qualitative methods
18th International Conference on Integrated Care, Utrecht, 23-25 May 2018
Tamara Alhambra-Borrás, Cristina Alexandru, Diane Whitehouse, Jorge Garcés-FerrerFull PDF
2018A scaling-up strategy supporting the expansion of integrated care: a study protocol
(Journal of Integrated Care)
Liset Grooten et al. Full PDF
2018Conference Abstract:
The maturity of integrated care systems: lessons learned in using the SCIROCCO tool across Europe
Cristina Adriana Alexandru, Andrea Pavlickova, Donna Henderson, Tamara Alhambra-BorrásFull PDF
2018Conference Abstract:
Assessing the maturity of integrated care systems as a means to accelerate adoption and lessons in using the SCIROCCO tool across Europe.
18th International Conference on Integrated Care, Utrecht, 23-25 May 2018
Donna Henderson, Andrea Pavlickova, Lisa Lundgren, Francesca Avolio, Esteban De Manuel KeenoyFull PDF
2018An Instrument to Measure Maturity of Integrated Care: A First Validation Study
(International Journal of Integrated Care)
Liset Grooten, Liesbeth Borgermans and Hubertus JM VrijhoefFull PDF
2017BLOCKS – Tools and methodologies to assess integrated care in EuropeHSPA expert groupFull PDF
2017Conference Abstract:
EU-funded Integrated Care for Vulnerable Persons (e.g., chronically ill, multimorbid, frail elderly) Research Projects 17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin, 08-10 May 2017
Maureen Rutten-van Molken , Fenna Leijten, Simone De Bruin, Caroline Baan, Carlos Segovia, Helen Schonenberg, Andrea PavlickovaFull PDF
2017Editorial (International Journal of Integrated Care): Common Challenges Faced in EU-funded Projects on Integrated Care for Vulnerable PersonsMaureen Rutten-van MölkenRead online and Full PDF
2017Conference Abstract:
SCIROCCO Tool to support delivery of integrated care in Europe
17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin, 08-10 May 2017
Andrea PavlickovaFull PDF
2016Scalability and transferability of good practices in Europe: What does it take? 16th International Conference on Integrated Care, Barcelona 23-25 May 2016Donna Henderson, Andrea Pavlickova, Leo LewisFull PDF
2016Conference Abstract (Workshop):
Multimorbidity and integrated care: which priorities for European and national
policies? Organised by: EUPHA section on Chronic disease
Julian Mamo, Andrea PavlickovaFull PDF


.TitleDeliverable ContentDownload
1.D2.2 FlyerThe deliverable describes the objectives of the project, the Maturity Model and the Consortium partners. Full PDF
2.D2.4 WebsiteThe deliverable describes the purpose, structure and content of the SCIROCCO website. Full PDF
3.D4.1 Maturity RequirementsGuide on maturity requirements of Good Practices viable for scaling up
Full PDF
4.Leaflet Scirocco ExperienceExperience of European regions with SCIROCCO on-line tool.Full PDF

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