Maturity Model in Practice – SCIROCCO self-assessment tool

All Stakeholders in Integrated Care are invited to test and use the SCIROCCO self-assessment tool for integrated care. This will contribute to further validation of the Tool as well as being hopefully beneficial for you improving your integrated care services. We welcome your experience and expertise in the field of integrated care as valuable contribution to the process of further improving the Tool.
Using the SCIROCCO tool per se will not take much of your time as answering the questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. By contributing to it, you will have an opportunity to reflect on various contextual aspects of your health and care system and assess its readiness to support the scaling-up of integrated care-related services. This a great opportunity to play with the tool and understand what it can offer to your region.
On behalf of the SCIROCCO Consortium we would like to thank you for your time and consideration.
Download full “Invitation for Regions and Organisations engaged in Integrated Care to participate in assessing the test-retest reliability of the SCIROCCO tool” with all instructions for participation incl. registration/login and contact information.

Development and validation of the SCIROCCO tool
After two years of intensive work, the SCIROCCO project has validated and tested the Maturity Model for Integrated Care that was developed by the B3 Action Group on Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPonAHA).
The Model has been operationalised in the form of an online self-assessment tool that is ready to be used by stakeholders who are working on innovative solutions that support the delivery of integrated health and care. The tool has been tested in 40 regions across Europe, Singapore and the United States. More on the tool and users’ experience in self-assessing the maturity of their health and care system towards integrated care is available in video demonstrations and tutorials here below and on the page “Ready for adoption and scaling-up of integrated care? Try the SCIROCCO Self-assessment Process at

For a quick introduction and “offline” demonstration please download/view our “Tutorial: Using the SCIROCCO Online Self-assessment Tool for Assessing the Maturity of a Healthcare System”

Inventory of available video demonstrations and video tutorials

If you are interested to use the SCIROCCO Self Assessment Tool, please contact Project Coordinator Donna Henderson

Maturity requirements of a Good Practice – Using the SCIROCCO tool to assess them

This 9 minutes demo video illustrates the practical use of the Maturity Model and its on-line tool, in the multi-disciplinary setting, to assess the maturity requirements of good practice for its adoption and transferability.

Maturity of a healthcare system towards Integrated Care

This 5 minutes demo video illustrates the practical use of the SCIROCCO on-line tool, in the multi-disciplinary setting, to assess the maturity of the healthcare systems for integrated care.

SCIROCCO Self Assessment Consensus Meeting

This video provides a demo of the Self Assessment Consensus Meeting using the SCIROCCO on-line tool.

SCIROCCO Self Assessment Tool Video Tutorial

This video provides a tutorial on how to use the on-line tool developed by SCIROCCO for assessing

  • the maturity requirements of a good practice,
  • the maturity of a health and care system.

If you would like to see more videos from SCIROCCO Partners click “Video Reports” above or click here to visit our Youtube Channel

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