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cCBT in Scotland

Summary of the good practice:

The practice covers mental health in particular the treatment of those individuals suffering from depression and anxiety. The aim of the practice is to offer evidence-based treatment on a large scale to all those patients deemed suitable for a computerised treatment by a competent clinical member of staff. The treatment is delivered in the individual’s home and who are directly responsible for the management of their treatment. The computerised therapy (cCBT) is co-ordinated and monitored locally by cCBT Services based in each of the specific territorial Health Boards. The method of implementation and the service model are key to the successful establishment of the cCBT services and are adapted locally from a standardised model of implementation development and tested over many years. The cCBT services are integrated into the local psychology therapy stepped or matched care clinical service models and offered as a mainstreamed treatment option. The implementation, service development, clinical governance and service usage is overseen by a national team who take responsibility for the overall success of the cCBT practice in Scotland. Within this national team there is expertise.

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Challenge addressed by the good practice

The practice will primarily be used to provide patients greater access to psychological therapies. There is an ever- increasing demand for mental health treatment across a wide spectrum of severity and range of conditions. The provision of computerised CBT provides a cost effective, large-scale solution in the treatment of the most prevalent mental health conditions such as depression. The solution can be used by a range of clinicians across a number of specialities with over 22 different services now referring to cCBT in Scotland, this including GPs, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Key innovative elements of the good practice

cCBT in Scotland is still in development and is currently available in 6 of its 14 Health Boards, 44% of the population, the remaining population will be provided access in 2017. At this point in the implementation process the cCBT services provides access to evidence based psychological treatment to over 7,100 patients per year at a cost that would be equal to employing approximate 4 clinical psychologists with a maximum potential caseload of 400 patients per year. cCBT is completed in patients home and delivered online via their web browser. The patient manages their treatment but is monitored centrally and patients when required can access support.

Full Scirocco information on the good practice

SciroccoGP-Scotland-6-cCBT-in-Scotland.pdf [PDF]

Publications and reports on the good practice

A practice report, video or digital media, a visit to implementation site.

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