The B3 Maturity Model Validated as a Tool to Measure Maturity of Integrated Care

An important question during the development of a new instrument is whether it measures what it is supposed to measure. This is referred to as the validity of an instrument. The newly developed instrument the B3 Maturity Model (B3-MM) aims to assess maturity along 12 dimensions reflecting the various aspects that need to be managed in order to deliver integrated care.

To assess if the content of the B3-MM is relevant and comprehensive, we collected data among international experts in the field of integrated care and compared the content of the B3-MM with existing instruments for the measurement of integrated care identified in the scientific literature. As a result, it was concluded that the content of the B3-MM is satisfactory in measuring maturity of integrated care and some suggestions were provided for further improvement of the B3-MM.

To access the full article: (open access – PDF download via Int. Journal of Integrated Care website).

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