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My Plan

Summary of the good practice:

The Project covers 5 hospitals, 33 primary Health care centres and the social service at 14 municipalities. It aims to empower the patient in both the discharge planning process and the planning process at home by increasing their influence on the process and enhance their access to their plan. This will be reached through development, test and implementation of new workflows, routines and new supportive technology that support a new upcoming law that regulate the planning process.

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Challenge addressed by the good practice

  • Better cooperation between different stakeholders
  • More person-centred care
  • Better accessibility to needed information on time for everyone involved in the process including the patient

Key innovative elements of the good practice

We have not reached the evaluation point yet in the project.

Full Scirocco information on the good practice

SciroccoGP-Norrbotten-1-My-Plan.pdf [PDF]

Publications and reports on the good practice


Contact point: Sofi Nordmark;

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