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Home & Mobile Health Monitoring  (HMHM)

Summary of the good practice:

Under the auspices of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme (see separate Good Practice), the Scottish Government and the Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare (SCTT) are aiming to expand the use of Home & Mobile Health Monitoring (HMHM) as part of integrated care plans to move beyond the same/medium scale initiatives that have been introduced in a small number of areas to substantial programme across Scotland, building on the EC-funded United4Health programme.
Specific funding was made available during 2015/16 to commence creation of a national service model for HMHM that is efficient from both a clinical and financial perspective. This includes improved patient targeting, triaging and monitoring arrangements and the introduction of more cost effective technologies.
A National Service Model is a tool that plays a supportive role in the management of service design and development. It can fulfil this role in a number of ways:

  • Articulate the desired approach to HMHM in Scotland.
    • Provide a national reference point for service development and improvement.
    • Support the development and implementation of efficient services at scale.
  • The framework seeks to:
    • Consolidate the best of the good work and learning that has already been attained by early adopters and service pioneers in Scotland
    • Bring in applicable learning from other parts of the world, especially Europe and North America
    • Establish a foundational service template designed to be scalable and efficient when applied in the context of services in Scotland
    • Provide a starting point from which new experiences based on common principles can be used to drive improvement in this field of practice.


Challenge addressed by the good practice

The use of, and evidence for, HMHM solutions and approaches continues to grow, both within Scotland and further afield. Much of this has been driven by either individual clinical leaders or as part of trials, pilots or other comparatively small-scale activity. As the activity grows, so does the disparity in approaches and technological solutions utilised.
As HMHM services in Scotland begin to move into the early stages of scaling-up, this initial ‘Release 1.0’ Model forms a starting point for evolutionary development. Release 1.0 aims to establish a national direction of travel and support wider participation from health and care organisations across Scotland.

Key innovative elements of the good practice

The practice represents a culmination of our collective knowledge and experience to date. The framework is constructed from the following components:

  • A conceptual model which describes the environment in which HMHM services operate, the citizens that these interventions best serve and the ways in which citizens and pathways are supported
  • A set of service principles to inform service and pathway design. These describe the purposes of interventions and underpin the attainment of cost and clinically effective interventions
  • A core service pathway and components to inform a consistent approach to pathway development and implementation across Scotland.

Full information on the good practice

SciroccoGP-Scotland-2-HMHM-Home-Mobile-Health-Monitoring.pdf [PDF]

Publications and reports on the good practice

The good practice is observed via the report Study visit can also be accommodated.

Contact point: Alistair Hodgson

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