SCIROCCO joins the EHTEL Innovation Initiative in Brussels

The EHTEL 2017 Symposium hosted a SCIROCCO meeting in Brussels on 15 March 2017 at its EHTEL Communities Day. The aim was to understand how tools, like the SCIROCCO maturity model, can help innovation agencies in supporting the implementation, scalability, and transfer of integrated care solutions in Europe.
SCIROCCO Project Coordinator, Donna Henderson of NHS 24 (Scotland) introduced the initiative. Stuart Anderson from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) showed exactly how the SCIROCCO tool was designed and created. SCIROCCO members, Lisa Lundgren from Norrbotten in Sweden and Francesca Avolio from Puglia in Italy, described how using the SCIROCCO tool had helped their region.
Supporting scale-up in service innovation, SCIROCCO is now being used in several other regions in the European Union.
Discussion confirmed that the SCIROCCO tool helps innovators to put their innovation in context and engage in conversation with authorities. Attendees appreciated SCIROCCO’s:

  • Process of scaling-up with a range of different stakeholders, including regional policy-level decision-makers
  • Assessment of where “you” are (e.g., as a region; a site; a good practice).
  • Way of engaging in a specific (policy) direction in a timely, organised, practical way, without wasting resources.

This session provided a good lead-up to more SCIROCCO presentations that will take place at the ICIC conference in Dublin, Ireland, 8-10 May 2017.
Exciting possibilities also lie ahead for the way that the SCIROCCO model can be used in many more regions throughout the Union.

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