SCIROCCO’s Contribution to the HSPA Report on Tools and Methodologies to Assess Integrated Care

The EU Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA) has published a new Report Tools and Methodologies to Assess Integrated Care in Europe. The mission of the Expert Group, set up in 2014, is to provide Member States with a forum for exchange of experience on the use of HSPA at national level. The group also supports national policy-makers by identifying tools and methodologies for developing HSPA, defining criteria and procedures for selecting priority areas for HSPA at national and EU levels, as well as intensifying EU cooperation with international organisations, in particular the OECD and WHO. The selected priority area for 2016 was the assessment of integrated care.

The B3 Action Group on Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) was invited to collaborate with the EU Expert Group on the Report. The B3 Action Group contributed with the rich collection of good practices in integrated care. In the next stage, it was agreed to apply the Maturity Model, validated through the SCIROCCO project, as the framework to identify the success factors and transferability elements of these good practices. As a result, the Report contains a collection of over 60 case studies with a detailed descriptions of the interventions, target groups, success factors and transferable elements. In addition,the Report outlines in detail the framework for quality assessment of integrated care, including the challennges with the data collection and data quality.

Download full report here

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