SCIROCCO Second Project Assembly Meeting at ARES Puglia, Italy

Regional Healthcare Authority (ARES) in Puglia, Italy hosted the second SCIROCCO Project Assembly meeting on 27-28 June 2017 in Bari. ARES Puglia is one of the five SCIROCCO regions interested in scaling-up of integrated care solutions and is leading the Work Package on Knowledge Transfer, Twinning and Coaching Activities.

The aim of the meeting was to review the progress of SCIROCCO project, focusing particularly on the experience of regions in applying the SCIROCCO tool in the assessment process of the maturity requirements of good practices as well as the maturity of healthcare systems for integrated care. It was an opportunity for the regions to share the lessons learned from the self-assessment processes and outlined the areas for the further improvement and refinement of the SCIROCCO self-assessment tool.

The key message from the regions was that there was a clear value in applying SCIROCCO tool in the self-assessment processes. It offered the opportunity for the multi-disciplinary dialogue, negotiation and consensus-building that is often lacking in the planning and delivery of the integrated care locally. The learning also emphasised that the multi-dimensional aspect of integrated care and particualrly of scaling-up of integrated care is still rather underestimated.

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