The SCIROCCO tool: Norrbotten focus group examines its future uses

A small SCIROCCO focus group met on 23 August 2017 in the regional headquarters in Luleå, Norrbotten.

In June/July 2017, using the SCIROCCO Maturity Model tool, nine local stakeholders in the region completed a regional self-assessment of where Norrbotten is in terms of moving towards integrated care. In August, this smaller group of people then reflected on their lessons learned.

A 90-minute session, facilitated by SCIROCCO team members, examined different ways of improving the SCIROCCO tool. The participants looked especially at what had worked well, what had worked less well, and how the SCIROCCO tool can be used moving forward.

Among the main observations that emerged from the session were:

  • The view of the process and experience of using the SCIROCCO tool was positive. The guidelines and training received before use were constructive. The tool is particularly helpful for enabling local stakeholders to reflect on the current situation and future directions.
  • The tool could be put to many other uses, including making policy decisions; undertaking regular assessments; and deciding on initiatives, programmes, and projects in which to get involved.
  • The tool seems quite constructive in comparison to some other tools with which the team is familiar.

Over the next six weeks, SCIROCCO looks forward to organising four more focus groups with the partner regions: the Basque Country in Spain; Olomouc in the Czech Republic; Puglia in Italy; and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

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