The Basque Country examines the future use of SCIROCCO tool

A SCIROCCO focus group met on 3rd October 2017 in the headquarters of Kronikgune, a research centre created by the Department of Health and Consumers Affairs of the Basque Country (Spain).

In June 2017, 9 local stakeholders completed a maturity assessment of the regional healthcare system using the SCIROCCO online self-assessment tool. This self-assessment was intended to reflect on the progress of the Basque Country towards integrated care. The local stakeholders were then invited for a face-to-face workshop to share their views and discuss the self-assessment outcomes and reach the final consensus.

The same group of local stakeholders people also reflected on their experience and lessons learned from the self-assessment process using the SCIROCCO tool. The focus group meeting, facilitated by SCIROCCO team members, examined the experience of the local stakeholders, including the potential impact of the tool and its further refinement and improvement.

The main conclusions that emerged from the focus group were:

  • The great value of the SCIROCCO tool is its potential to generate consensus rather than the individual assessment.
  • The use of the SCIROCCO tool is simple and concrete, and its application requires less time than any other tools.
  • The SCIROCCO tool complements the other quality tools that exist in the Basque Country healthcare system.
  • The self-assessment process using the SCIROCCO tool fosters individual or group reflections on particular aspects or dimensions of the system that people do not usually reflect.
  • The results of the self-assessment process using the SCIROCCO tool provides a global overview of the system which allows making conclusions and prioritising the decision making in a particular domain of the system.
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